Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer service is a top priority with Infinity. Support staff is available around the clock to handle any emergency situation that may occur. We take pride in the way our staff responds to each call and we consider the professionalism and accuracy of our employees paramount to our success. We take the time to customize a program that is tailored to each company’s requirements. Our management team has several years of experience in knowing what makes a successful team and it reflects in the quality of service. Commitment to continuous business innovation to improve our service is something we take pride in.

Yes, depending on the number of calls or the length of each call; rates can differ. We offer different levels of service. Some clients prefer an 8 hour day in a 5 day week , or they may need after hours and weekends rather than the traditional 24 hours/7 days a week. We customize a plan that best suits our client’s requirements.

Yes. Incoming calls can be processed directly on your web site, if you so choose. Our CSR’s can even “chat” with potential customers who are viewing your web site.

We have many options available for you to receive your messages. You can get them by email, fax, text messaging, cell phones, residence, just about any way you can imagine.

Yes. Clients are provided with their own Direct Inward Dial (DID) phone number. This allows us to recognize your calls and know how to properly answer and handle them. It’s simple and easy… you just call forward your telephone line(s) to the DID number we assign you.

Yes, our technology allows us to handle calls to and from anywhere in the world.

No. Our staff are trained to handle instructions pertaining to inbound calls. This does involve some outbound calls, but not of a sales nature.

In most cases, if required, we can get you up and working by the following day.

We invoice once monthly. Our billing cycle runs from the 21st of one month to the 20th of the following month.

Yes. Our equipment is backed up by uninterruptible power supplies with several hours of battery back-up. We also have additional generator power. This means there should be no downtime for you.

Daily if required. Most companies change it weekly or monthly.

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