Customer Care Lines & Customer Response Services

Infinity Telecentre’s Customer Care Lines and Response Services provide businesses an opportunity to resolve customer complaints and address technical issues or questions that callers may have about a business, its goods or services anytime of the day or night. Businesses trust Infinity to act as a critical point of contact between themselves and their stakeholders. At Infinity Telecentre, we recognize that customers who receive quality over-the-phone solutions to their problems are more likely to form a favourable opinion of the company with whom they are doing business – and that is just part of how we add value to so many organizations. Whether you’re a small businessperson who is too busy to field calls, or you represent a large corporation that requires technical support for its products, our professional customer care agents have the skills required to keep your customers satisfied.

Infinity Telecentre offers highly trained staff and on-site resources that enable us to field any volume of customer care calls efficiently and effectively. Our staff are experts, trained in all customer care and call centre best practices; they are excellent at determining urgency, de-escalation, and disseminating or reporting information appropriately. And, Infinity services enable your business to respond to your customers 24/7.

Small business owners, our services will save you valuable time you’d spend on fielding customer calls, allowing you to focus on your work without unnecessary interruptions. Best of all, Infinity’s Customer Care Services will help you cut costs while maintaining and growing your business; we eliminate the costs associated with hiring, training and retaining additional staff to field calls, all while ensuring your customers are highly satisfied.

If you represent a business that values customer relationship management, we can help you! We would be happy to field customer complaints, comments, questions, or provide technical support on your organization’s behalf. Call us about our Customer Care Lines today at: 519-432-6463 or browse all our call answering services.

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