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Infinity Virtual Answering offers call answering services, after hours reception, text messaging, paging, order entry, dealer locator service, RSVP, and appointment scheduling services for businesses.

Our Answering Services

The team at Infinity Virtual Answering provide businesses with customized call answering services to suit the individual needs of your business. Whether you require short-term or ongoing business answering services, we can create a custom plan that works for you.

To ensure ongoing safety and security as well as thorough communication in the event of a community emergency, Infinity Virtual Answering offers emergency call services for Ontario businesses. From emergency dispatch of staff and services to safety check-ins, our emergency call services are designed to support business and organizational processes during critical times.

For customized virtual reception and answering services, Ontario businesses look to Infinity Virtual Answering. Whether you’re looking to support your existing reception team with after-hours, vacation and occasional coverage, or are looking to enlist the support of a remote reception services – Infinity Virtual Answering has you covered.

Infinity Virtual Answering goes above and beyond traditional call answering services to provide Ontario businesses with specialized call centre services. From order taking, data collection and entry, customer care, help desk services and more, we proudly work with clients to deliver unique call centre services to suit your individual needs.

Answering Services for Businesses and Professionals

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’ll never miss an important call or opportunity again?

At Infinity, we understand that regardless of what you do, it’s not always possible to provide an immediate response. That’s where we come in. At Infinity Virtual Answering, we provide businesses, both big and small, with professional call answering services. We’ll guarantee every call gets answered no matter the circumstances. If it’s urgent, we’ll make sure you get the message.  If not, we can hold the information or send it to the appropriate person on your behalf. With our business answering services, there are many ways for us to keep you informed; you decide what call answering services you want. Imagine never having to scramble for the phone again – let us take the call and text all the details right to your phone! 

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Answering Service for Businesses at Infinity Virtual Answering

Virtual Reception Services for Businesses at Infinity Virtual Answering

Virtual Receptionist Services

Friendly, professional and inviting. 

As part of our professional answering services, we provide businesses with dedicated Virtual receptionist services.Virtual Reception Services will project a professional image for your business and show your customers that you really do care about receiving their calls

Focus on making your business grow, while saving money with 24/7 virtual reception servicesEnlisting after-hours business answering services can greatly reduce overhead costs while allowing you to continue to offer the same outstanding service to incoming callers.  

After Hours Reception Services

Infinity Virtual Answering supports businesses by providing after-hours reception services so that each and every call is answered professionally, no matter what time of day. We can create a custom after-hours phone answering service plan designed with your business in mind and our professional agents can manage calls as if they were a member of your internal team.

Customized Telephone Answering Services

Let us customize a program that will work for you. 

Let the team at Infinity Virtual Answering create a customized phone answering service plan uniquely designed to suit your business needs. Whether you’re looking for dispatch answering services, business appointment scheduling, toll-free (or 1-800 if it tracks better) number call management, or on-call and after-hours virtual reception services we’ll be happy to create a plan tailored to your team.

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24/ 7 and After Hours Reception Coverage at Infinity Virtual Answering

Contact your Infinity representative to discuss how our services can benefit your business.

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