Advertisement response services were created to provide businesses with a more efficient way to handle leads generated from advertising campaigns. By using an independent answering service to assist with daily business functions or inbound lead support, you can better allocate your internal resources where they are needed. Infinity Telecentre’s team is experienced in providing professional answering services to businesses. We ensure all calls are handled promptly and professionally.

Stay Focused on Business Operations

This type of service was designed to help businesses with completing time-sensitive tasks related to data collection and order fulfillment. Our team can answer questions on your behalf, redirect calls, enter lead data into your CRM, or create sales appointments and orders. When you implement new types of advertising or revamp your existing ad campaigns, you will see an increase of incoming calls and inquiries. Our team is here to handle the influx of calls and requests so that you can focus on the operations needed to support the new business.

How Advertisement Response Services Can Help

This type of service helps you respond efficiently to interest generated from your marketing efforts. Whether increased interest is from online ads, billboards, print ads, or other sources, you can use an answering service to help your business keep up with the calls. Advertising response answering services will allow you to service your customers in a timely manner while we handle the incoming calls.

Taking advantage of an outside answering service provider like Infinity Telecentre, is an efficient way to support incoming lead traffic. You can avoid hiring short-term staff and pay only for the services you need, when you need them. For a fraction of the cost of in-house staff, you can be confident that calls and orders are never missed as Infinity’s team will be at your service 24/7. For more information about our advertisement response services or call answering services, contact the Infinity Telecentre team today.