Funeral Home Call Answering Services
Infinity Virtual Answering is proud to provide compassionate call answering and appointment scheduling services for funeral homes and directors throughout Southwestern Ontario. We understand just how important the calls that come into funeral homes are and how they should be handled. Infinity offers an extensive suite of call answering services specific to the needs of  funeral businesses, so that dedicated staff members and funeral directors can focus on providing support and service to their grieving clients.

Call Answering Services for Funeral Homes

More than just call answering, Infinity Virtual Answering offers a wide range of customized answering and scheduling services to support Ontario funeral homes and their staff. Here’s a look at some of the call answering services offered by Infinity Virtual Answering:

Live Phone Answering Services

Infinity Virtual Answering offers live phone answering services to funeral homes, crematoriums and businesses within the funeral industry. We offer 24/ 7 phone answering service to ensure that important client calls are handled professionally and compassionate by a live representative.

Appointment Scheduling Services

We offer comprehensive appointment scheduling services for funeral homes to ensure that appointments are properly scheduled in conjunction with staff availability.

After-Hours Reception Services

For funeral homes and funeral directors, unfortunately, calls can come in at any time of day. In these all-important moments, it’s essential to ensure that these calls are handled by a live representative – no matter what time of day. Infinity offers funeral home owners and staff with peace of mind knowing that important customer calls are being answered by compassionate and dedicated call answering representatives.

Reception Overflow

If your funeral home is looking for seasonal or occasional reception overflow services, Infinity Virtual Answering can work to provide support in peak seasons, vacation times or when staff availability may be reduced.

Virtual Receptionist Services

For smaller funeral homes who may not have a dedicated receptionist or front desk team, Infinity Virtual Answering offers virtual receptionist services to cover all your call answering and scheduling needs, so your essential staff members can focus on delivering exceptional service and care to your clients in need.

24-Hour Compassionate Call Answering Services

No matter what your organizational needs may be, let Infinity Virtual Answering support your existing reception team or manage your call answering and scheduling needs. We have been providing Ontario businesses with compassionate call answering services for over twenty years. Our team of professional call answering professionals will work to ensure calls are being answered as if answered by a member of your internal team – offering caring and friendly direction to customers calling in.

Get in touch with the team at Infinity Telecentre today to learn more about our call answering and scheduling services for funeral homes and their teams.