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It is very important that our customer account setup is accurate and thorough. The length of time required to start your services varies depending on the complexity of your business. If it is a basic message centre requirement we can normally have you up and running within hours of our initial conversation. We do require basic company information in order for us to create a script or details for our staff to work from.

There are many ways to forward your phones to our live phone answering service. The most popular method is to use a call forwarding service from your telephone company. There are several different options for call forwarding. Traditional call forwarding requires you to select the line you want to forward and dial an access code followed by the number you want to call forward to. Most phone companies also offer “No Answer Transfer”, letting you set a predetermined number of rings after which your call will forward to a predetermined number. “Busy Call Forward” is similar but activates when you are on the phone. Telephone numbers can also be “Remote Call Forwarded”, which is really a permanent redirect from your telephone to the answering service. You cannot turn this feature on and off; it is preset at the phone company.

You will have a unique telephone number that is only set up for your particular account. You forward your calls to that telephone number. All calls to that number are routed to us and identified by our equipment as yours, which launches your account for the call centre agent. This is what allows us to answer in your company name and follow your instructions on how your calls are to be handled.

There is a variety of ways you can get your messages. We deliver messages via fax, email, SMS messaging, alpha pager, numeric pager, text messaging, or verbally over the phone. You can select any of these options or even a mixture, depending on the call.
We can differentiate between a call that can be held for the office or emergency calls where the call must go immediately. You decide which would be suitable for your business.

There is no limit. The set-up of your account is flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Absolutely. We often dispatch messages to multiple devices for individuals. Our goal is to be very flexible in accommodating your preferences and how your account is set up.

You can make unlimited changes to your instructions at any time. Please contact an Infinity supervisor to discuss these changes. Programming charges may apply for some changes.

Whether you have one location or fifty, you can specify the required service for each location. The way your account is handled is entirely detrmined by you. There is complete flexibility in your account setup. You can direct everything to one contact person who will handle all the details.

You can call forward your cell phone to the live phone answering service. Depending on your cellular provider there may be a charge.

Yes, we can. We will be happy to accommodate this request. Getting your messages to you is something we take very seriously. Many of our clients rely on their pagers and cell phones to receive their messages. If they do not work, we need to know.

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Growing a business takes time and money. Are you busy answering your phone when your talent is elsewhere? Answering those telephone calls can keep you away from doing the job that is at hand. Infinity Telecentre can help change that. Focus on making your business grow, while saving money. Our service can reduce your labour costs. We’ll help make you money, not cost you money. Today call centers are an environment where people, using computerized tools, serve as the liaison between companies and customers around the world. Customer service and order taking and sales are very popular applications, but we can provide nearly any service that makes a company more valuable to its customers. Infinity can connect the world to you. We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. First impressions count; a live telephone receptionist will project a professional image and show your customers that you really do care about receiving their calls. Many companies use Infinity as a primary, or overflow, source for inbound calls and order taking.

Many companies today are realizing cutting costs is the way of the future. Why have a receptionist employed on a full-time basis when, for a fraction of the cost, our virtual receptionist services can handle those calls effectively in a professional and courteous manner.? Another real benefit of outsourcing is the fact that you will no longer have to work around the scheduling of vacation time, sick time, coffee and lunch breaks for your staff.

Not all call centres are the same. It is the people that make the difference. Our success has been built on customer loyalty as demonstrated by the longevity of client relationships. Years of experience have given us an opportunity to truly understand what customers want and expect. Our commitment to continuous improvement and business innovation to improve service has made us a leader in our field today. Customer service is a priority in our business and that’s our promise to you.