Answering Services for Spas and Salons in Ontario, Canada

Answering services & Virtual Reception Services for Salons and SpasAre you the manager of a spa or salon looking for a solution to delayed client response times and problems answering your phone? Do you feel like you have to compromise the service that the clients in your chairs receive in order to respond to potential clients that are trying to book with you?

At Infinity Telecentre we are committed to providing exceptional client service solutions, offering virtual receptionists and call answering service for businesses. We can ensure your business provides a seamless experience, for all clients, from the moment they contact you to book an appointment, to the moment that they walk into the front door of your salon or spa, right through the entire appointment, as your staff will be able to focus all their attention on the task and client at hand.

Salon & Spa Answering Services

Some of the services that we offer here at Infinity Telecentre include:

  • Scheduling and rescheduling of appointments
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Customer inquiries and answer questions regarding spa services
  • 24/7 incoming call answering services
  • Appointment reminder calls

Great Service, No Matter How Busy Your Salon May Be

With call answering services from Infinity Telecentre, you can rest assured that your calls are being answered professionally and appointments are being scheduled. This allows you and your team of stylists and specialists to focus on providing great salon and spa experiences instead of running to the phone when a new call comes in.

With Infinity, you can rest assured that no matter how busy you may be at the moment, any phone call or email inquiry will be responded to, not only immediately, but also with outstanding customer service. This ensures that any and every customer or prospective client will come away from the interaction feeling like they were truly taken care of.

Along with the peace of mind that we can provide you and your employees, you also will be able to save time and money on hiring and training dedicated front desk staff. When using our services, you will only have to pay for the small amount of time it takes to handle calls, rather than paying someone hourly. You’ll also never have to worry about an employee calling in sick and having to find somebody to replace or cover their shift because you have a whole service team behind you that is always ready to help.

Why Choose Infinity Telecentre?

At Infinity Telecentre, our primary goal is to offer peace of mind to every business manager that trusts us with handling their clientele. We take pride in helping make the process of answering and assisting customers as simple as possible. We’re committed to providing the very best customer service possible at any given moment, which in turn captures the long-time trust, respect, and loyalty of every customer that we will ever have the pleasure of assisting.

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