Reception Services for Doctors’ Offices & Medical Clinics

Virtual Receptionist for Doctors Offices & Medical ClinicsThe waiting room of a doctor’s office is an all too familiar scene: a couple of frazzled receptionists behind a sliding frosted glass window. One is filing paperwork while on hold with an insurance company, the other is asking the patient at the window to hold on, while answering an inbound call to schedule an appointment. The patient at the window is waiting to check out, while the patient behind them in line is waiting to check in. There are three or four patients sitting in the waiting room, filling out paperwork. The receptionist at the window asks the patient calling in to please hold, in order to process the credit card of the patient at the window.

Physicians these days have no choice but to expect the world of their office staff. Between insurance companies, government regulations, new pharmaceutical drugs and technologies, and continuing education requirements, the medical profession has gotten woefully complicated. Long gone are the days when the town barbershop doubled as the emergency triage facility, and the doctor came around every few weeks.

Doctors need their office staff to take as much administrative work off their plates as possible, so that they can focus their attention on the life-altering decisions that theymake every day. Unfortunately, for many medical practices, maintaining an additional staff person to support the reception staff is cost prohibitive.

So what’s the answer?

Many medical professionals have found that an answering service is the ideal solution. By allowing someone else to answer phones, schedule appointments, handle cancellations, reschedules, and call patients with appointment reminders, the office staff are free to dedicate their attention to the patients in the office. With 24/7 availability, Infinity’s answering services provide your patients with a level of convenience that simply isn’t feasible without external support.

Answering Services for Doctors’ Offices & Medical Clinics:

Infinity Telecentre provides the following services for medical clinics and doctors’ offices:

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Located in Ontario, Canada, we have over 20 years of experience providing our clients with world-class service. We integrate so seamlessly with your practice that most patients never realize that the people they spoke to on the phone aren’t the same people behind the frosted glass. Our flexibility and customization options mean that we can meet the needs of any practice. So pick up the phone and meet our professional, courteous staff! We’re sure you’ll be impressed.

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