Telephone Answering Services for Towing Companies

Answering services for towing companiesInfinity Telecentre provides a variety of answering services to clients in towing and transportation services industries. We understand just how important it is for towing & service companies to ensure that each call is answered promptly and professionally. At Infinity Telecentre, we help ensure that no call is ever missed. We understand that towing businesses are 24/7 operations that receive many calls outside of traditional business hours. Our team is always available and prepared to take those calls and dispatch them as needed.

24-Hour Answering Services for Towing Companies

Many towing companies are small, family-owned businesses where it wouldn’t make sense to employ around the clock staff to take calls after-hours. But, every towing or transportation services company knows it’s absolutely essential to have someone to answer those calls that come on holidays, late at night, or during vacation days when you might be short-staffed. Our answering services are always available, whether the office is closed, or the phones are just too busy, we can help. Our service coordinators are well-trained and understand the needs of companies in the transportation and towing industry. We know how important every call is,  and our team understands how and when to redirect a call, dispatch, or take a message if the call is not urgent. Our phone answering services help your business’ bottom line, by allowing you to provide the best service possible, for a fraction of the cost of paying someone to wait for the phone to ring.

Answering Services for Towing Companies

Why Choose Infinity Telecentre

We work with a variety of clients in Ontario to provide answering services that are based on each clients’ individual needs. We understand the importance of always having someone available to answer the phone. This is especially true when you have a towing business, as missing a call means missing an opportunity for business. Our receptionists are trained on how to deal with emergency calls and can reroute or dispatch those calls to your drivers immediately. Let us help you to help those on the road, , gain new customers, and keep  your existing customers happy!

As you know, there are vehicles on the road every day, in all types of weather, and throughout all hours of the night. Car trouble, accidents, and other towing needs can surface any time. Our phone operators are available at all times to ensure that the call gets out to a driver, and your business doesn’t miss an opportunity for a tow or miss a call for one of your accounts. Our answering service makes your towing business reachable and reliable, at all times. For more information about how our phone answering services can help your towing company, contact us today at 226-210-4551.

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