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Meghan Newman

Manager, Operations and Business Development

Meghan is the first point of contact and primary relationship manager for Infinity’s clients. Whether it’s developing a solution that serves the unique needs of a new client’s business, refining existing client protocols based on best practices, or staying on top of cutting edge communications technology, she is always prepared to do what it takes to ensure every client achieves the best possible outcome. Meghan has always been highly engaged in her community and takes special pride in helping local businesses, big and small, prosper.

Meghan brings professional experience in governance, management, and human resources to her role at Infinity Telecentre. With this, she combines knowledge and skills gleaned from nearly two decades of experience in various customer service roles. This unique set of skills leaves her well equipped to ensure that her team is optimally selected, trained, and prepared to deliver exceptional service on behalf every Infinity client. The team at Infinity understands the value of emerging technologies in all sectors. Meghan is constantly seeking to advance the collective knowledge and skills of herself and her team so that Infinity can continue to provide relevant, timely services that will allow her clients to connect, grow, and thrive.

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Blake Dawson

General Manager

Having co-founded Infinity Telecentre in 1996, Blake Dawson takes great pride in the fact that many of his original clients are still with him after over two decades. In fact, the majority of clients who have entrusted Infinity with their business have remained for several years. Blake’s leadership, collaborative nature, and dedication to exceptional service have also cultivated remarkably long-standing relationships with staff. Unlike similar organizations, Infinity has an incredibly experienced and loyal team, with a third of the current staff employed since the organization’s beginning.

As sole owner and General Manager of Infinity, Blake is largely responsible for the strategic direction and technological investments of the company. Having started his career with a large communications enterprise, Blake came to understand the value of corporate communications, and the impact that technology had on consumer relations. Since Infinity’s inception, Blake has maintained and expanded his knowledge of communications technology, ensuring that Infinity offers the latest and best available solutions and services to their clients. Blake maintains membership with several business, professional, and industry associations and is highly engaged in various telecommunications technology networks.


One of Infinity’s original team members, Rose has been with Infinity since 1996. Clients appreciate Rose’s warm, easygoing approach to dealing with any situation that might arise. Rose has a special knack for using her years of knowledge and experience to make sound decisions in time sensitive, ambiguous situations. Prior to working at Infinity, Rose was a successful business owner herself, so she has an exceptional understanding of the demands that our clients face.
Outside of her role at Infinity, Rose enjoys using her impeccable taste to decorate her beautiful apartment, and spending time with her family and friends in Toronto – especially her grandchildren.


Nicki is a seasoned operator who understands our clients protocols so well, she could likely do her job blindfolded! Nicki takes a great deal of pride in “taking care of business” and she’s certainly an extraordinary multitasker. Nicki has been with Infinity since we started operations, in 1996. Prior to working for Infinity, Nicki was an operator and manager for Bell Telephone, she also worked for other organizations in the answering service industry.

When Nicki isn’t at work, she loves to spend time with her mother and enjoys staying in touch with other family and friends who are scattered throughout Canada.


Lynn is an exceptional customer service professional; her warm personality is hard to miss and can be heard immediately through the phone. Lynn is an excellent relationship manager; she is consistently kind and patient in her interactions, regardless of the situation she is handling. She is supportive of her team and is always happy to assist new team members as they learn and grow. Lynn has been with Infinity since 2013. Prior to working with us, she worked in various supervisory and customer service roles.

When not looking after our clients, Lynn is usually at home, cooking and baking up a storm or spending time with her family. Lynn is especially popular during the holiday season, when she’s been known to show up at the office on her day off, bringing in the best homemade shortbread you’ve ever tasted for the whole team. PS: It’s a secret recipe and she won’t give it to anyone!


Tammy is a true customer service hero. Her kind and sensitive nature is very well suited to handling sensitive situations. She is consistently patient and understanding in all her interactions, which allows her to deliver an exceptional customer experience to everyone she speaks to. In addition to this, Tammy truly cares about the job she does and takes time to review protocols and ask questions, ensuring that she really understand each client’s business and objectives. Tammy has been with Infinity since 2013. Prior to working with us, Tammy worked in a variety of administrative and customer service roles.

When she’s not looking after our clients, Tammy is usually crocheting up a storm, making adorable gifts for coworkers, friends and family. Tammy also loves spending time with her furbabies, Tipsey and Eddy, as well as her husband Kent.


Having joined Infinity in 2016, Brenda is one of Infinity’s newer team members, but she’s certainly left an impression already. Bringing years of experience in front line and supervisory customer service roles, Brenda is a great problem solver who can take any situation in stride. She is an excellent communicator who has an exceptional ability to connect with people, using her accommodating, easy-going nature to consistently leave our clients, and the customers we serve on their behalf, smiling. Brenda’s awesome sense of humour is truly appreciated around the office as well.

When Brenda’s not working to leave our clients smiling, she’s likely spending time with her treasured granddaughter, Katie, or her family and friends.


Elizabeth’s cheerful voice carries throughout the office and we are always happy to hear her, as are the many people she speaks to every day. Elizabeth is a skilled customer service representative who brings an upbeat, friendly attitude to all of her interactions. Prior to joining Infinity in 2014, Elizabeth worked in a variety of customer service and administrative roles.

When Elizabeth isn’t in the office, she enjoys spending her free time taking courses to develop her skills, volunteering and spending time with her family.