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Appointment Scheduling

If your business requires that you arrange meetings or appointments with customers or patients, you need an easy to use, reliable appointment booking service that can be accessed 24/7. Infinity tele-receptionists can schedule, confirm or cancel appointments while handling your calls.

We will answer your incoming calls and will schedule your client’s appointments. Infinity Telecentre offers secure web-based appointment scheduling which can be accessible through your office. Our web enabled software application is available for you and our agents so that you can work in conjunction with our service. All changes and additions to the calendar are updated in real time. This gives the ability to block out last minute time slots (for lunch, meetings, vacation, etc.) and Infinity call centre agents can schedule appointments around those times. Every time Infinity schedules or cancels an appointment for one of your clients, you can choose to receive an email notification. You can check your schedule as often as you wish, anytime, anywhere you have internet access.

Appointment Confirmation/Verification

Do your clients book appointments months in advance? It is usually a good idea to remind your patients, customers or clients that they have an upcoming appointment. Our competent staff can make that friendly reminder call a day or two before the appointment, which helps reduce the number of no-shows and open appointments in your business day.

When you provide us with a list of appointments, or utilize our appointment scheduler, Infinity Staff will place outbound calls to remind your patients and customers of their appointments. You can provide a valuable service to your clientele while allowing our staff to be as efficient as possible servicing the clientele in the office.

24/7 Service

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Cancellation/Rescheduling

Not everyone keeps their scheduled appointments. When your client calls to cancel an appointment, Infinity tele-receptionists can take the message as well as remove that appointment from your calendar. Being proactive, Infinity call centre agents can search for availability on your calendar and reschedule the appointment so your client doesn’t have to call your office back.

Infinity Appointment Centre is a cost effective way to manage your schedule. When your clients want to use the appointment booking service at their convenience, they will reach a friendly, professional agent. Appointment setting is vital to today’s business environment. This service will save you time and money.

Order Entry – Call Centre Solutions

Infinity Telecentre can provide order taking and order entry services from almost anywhere in the world. Infinity tele-receptionists answer the call, receive the order, and if required can process the payment information and enter the completed order directly to the client’s fulfillment system.

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