After-Hours Answering Service at Infinity Telecentre

24/7 SupportIf you require after hours reception services for your business, Infinity Telecentre has a range of solutions available to assist you. Canadian owned and operated, Infinity Telecentre in London, Ontario, specializes in providing 24/7 answering service with live representatives, including after hours reception.

Are customer service worries keeping you up at night?

At Infinity Telecentre, we understand the needs of small business owners. If you have limited staff and resources, it’s nearly impossible to be available for your customers at all hours of the day. That’s where we come in, we will make sure your callers are well taken care of, outside of your normal business hours. Our operators will handle your calls according to your specifications. Our staff can’t replace you, but they can be there for callers 24/7, scheduling appointments, taking orders, offering product information, or connecting them to you if the situation calls for it. All answering and reception services are completely custom-designed to meet your needs. We can communicate details via text, email, phone, or even your own web-based interface, whichever best suits your needs.

With our after-hours reception team working for your business, you won’t have to contend with constantly juggling your phone or worrying about losing business opportunities when you aren’t available. You’ll have phone support around the clock, and your customers will thank you for being there when they need you. If the call is a true emergency, we’ll make sure we reach you right away, otherwise, you won’t be bothered.

Why Choose Infinity Telecentre?

Infinity can help increase your bottom line, by ensuring your never miss an opportunity because it came in after-hours, or lose a client because they couldn’t get service in an emergency. Our services allow you to be there for your clients, while eliminating the costs associated with hiring, training and retention of additional staff. We provide customized services, 24/7, for less than a tenth of the cost of an average part-time employee.

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