Live Appointment Scheduling Services

Many businesses rely on Infinity Virtual Answering’s trained receptionists to manage their appointment scheduling processes. The Infinity team of virtual receptionists offer a wealth of experience scheduling jobs for various trades, setting business appointments or meetings, and providing complete live appointment scheduling services to many medical and health practitioners. Infinity’s appointment booking service enables many organizations, large and small, to free up valuable resources while still maintaining exceptional customer service standards. Letting us handle all aspects of your over-the-phone appointment services will enable you to focus on the task at hand while resting assured your callers are well taken care of and your calendar is full.

Appointment Scheduling for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner, you know that handling your own calls can be time-consuming and have a negative impact on your productivity. It’s a challenging situation to juggle many priorities, and leaving your calls to voicemail can hurt your bottom line. Customer or client calls can quickly fill up your day as they may phone your business multiple times to set up, verify or cancel a scheduled event.

Infinity has your solution! We save small businesses time and support productivity by streamlining the appointment scheduling process. Our virtual receptionists answer phones on behalf of your business. Then, depending on your specifications and choice of calendar management tool, we collect the customer and appointment information and forward it to you, on your terms. We can work with all types of calendar management tools, booking systems, and CRMs, capturing all the data you would if you took the call yourself.

We provide live appointment scheduling services to all types of businesses including:

24/7 Live Appointment Scheduling from the Virtual Receptionists at Infinity

Infinity’s answering services can benefit your business’ bottom line in so many ways. We help increase your efficiency and productivity by reducing distractions and enabling you to focus on the task at hand. In many cases, our virtual reception and appointment scheduling services can eliminate the costs associated with the hiring, training, and retention of personal receptionists. We also offer 24/7 customized, professional appointment services for less than one-tenth of the cost of the average part-time administrative position.

If you’re a business owner or manager looking for appointment scheduling or virtual receptionist services, give Infinity Virtual Answering a call today at: 519-432-6463.

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