Infinity Centre’s Customer Surveys

Do you really want to know the quality of service you are delivering to your customers? The best way to know how you measure up in your client’s eyes is to ask them. It may be as simple as asking a few questions. It may be about the level of service you provide, your product line, your billing process, your delivery times, etc. Infinity not only can take your inbound telephone calls, they also can conduct live outbound calling campaigns for Customer Surveys. This can be used to establish a good basis to evaluate the level of service you are providing. When you have a basis or starting point, it is easy to set goals to improve the level of service your customers have come to expect.

Customer Survey Services by Infinity Telecentre

Understand Your Customers

The more information you gather regarding your people or your products, the better educated you are to make informed decisions. Infinity will work with you to customize a detailed script of questions for your customer survey. Infinity staff can also provide your customers with information that can be used to improve service levels or expand product lines.

Trust Infinity Telecentre to Gather the Information You Need

Do you want your customers to know you care? Give them an opportunity to share their feelings with you. A survey can give you the information or feedback that you can use to really evaluate your business. Avoid a disaster; find out how they perceive you!

It is easy to get started with Infinity answering services. Give Infinity a calling list of your customers and the questions that you want answered. We will do the rest. You can specify the level of detail in the survey. You can determine when our call centre agents should attempt to reach your customers. You can dictate how the information is to be gathered and tracked and how you will receive the results. We will work with you to achieve the best results.

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