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Data Collection and Data Entry services At Infinity Telecentre, we offer data collection and data entry services to clients in various industries. Our data collection and entry services help our clients capture and maintain vital customer data that can assist with many facets of business performance. Our centre is open 24 hours per day,7 days per week to help our clients achieve their business goals. We can use our technology to record and disseminate your data, or we can enter details directly into our clients’ software, so entitled individuals can access data in real time, within the context of the organization’s systems. Our team of professionals work quickly and efficiently to record required information and are always sure to facilitate a pleasant customer experience in the process. We have high standards when it comes to accuracy, attentiveness, and professionalism and ensure our data entry specialists are fully trained to understand each client’s objectives. Our team is always courteous and friendly when dealing with your customers, so that you can maintain confidence that your business will be well-represented, and your clients or customers will always be served in accordance with your standards.

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Infinity Telecentre works with clients in many different industries throughout Ontario to meet their business answering service needs. Our answering services are ideal for businesses who don’t have the need for full time reception staff or sufficient off-hours volume to justify employing their own telephone attendants for around the clock answering services. We offer professional and courteous personnel to answer your calls and direct them accordingly – we can do much more than data entry, just ask!. You can take advantage of our answering during the hours your business is closed to cover cations, or any other circumstances where you need extra help with the telephones. Call us today to find out how we can ensure your business will never miss an important opportunity or valuable data again!

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