Dealer Locator Services

Infinity Telecentre’s dealer locator services help you streamline business and free-up time to focus on other important things – like business strategy and sales. Having a central point from which to direct your customers will ensure they’re on the right track, from the first point of contact.

Dependable service, when you need it

Our friendly, professional staff are always available, even for 24-hour, around-the-clock emergencies. You’ll never have to worry about customers receiving a recorded message, or being given wrong information or directions again.

Customized for your business

We’ll tailor our service based on referrals, geographic location, or any other criteria you choose. We can tailor service based on the type of caller; prospect, customer, or installer and use your criteria to assign leads to the appropriate location or sales rep– the choice is yours.

Keep multiple locations on the map

Companies with multiple businesses enjoy the benefit of having us provide central answering services that act as a one-stop-shop, dispatching customers to the most convenient location, product or service. We take the time to understand your specific needs, so you can feel confident we’re directing customers exactly where you want them.

Choosing Infinity shows clients you’re committed to excellence in customer support. We value our role in helping take your business to the next level. We’ll represent your brand with the same care and integrity that you do.

With Infinity answering services, your business will benefit from:

A professional, caring image

Directing inbound calls to voicemail isn’t only unprofessional – it can cost you sales and money.  Dealing with digital answering systems is frustrating for everyone. Your customers will appreciate receiving friendly service by a real person.

Cost savings

With our services, there’s no expensive equipment to purchase or software to download, and you won’t have to worry about breakdown, malfunction or replacement costs.

You’ll also save time and money not having to hire, train, and pay reception staff. With our flexible plans, you’ll pay only for the services you need and use – we’ll help you choose the right options for your business.

Quality care

Our staff go through extensive training and we have quality measures in place to ensure we’re providing exceptional service at every step.

Infinity has the customer support solutions you need to help your business grow. Let our dealer locator services be the GPS of your brand!

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