Emergency Dispatch of On-Call Staff

Service to Dispatch On-Call StaffDepending on the nature of your business, emergencies can impact both your employees and your customers. The Infinity Telecentre team has been offering emergency dispatch as part of our suite of call answering solutions for over twenty years. Our team of experts can help your business be prepared for any eventuality-whether it be communicating an internal emergency appropriately or triaging client and dispatching client calls appropriately We successfully handle hundreds of urgent calls everyday, on behalf of clients from medical, technical, trades, and professional industries.

How does an emergency dispatch service work?

Infinity’s team of agents will respond to your customer calls when your customer service team is not available and prioritize them in accordance with your specifications. We will use your protocols to determine if the call is truly urgent in nature. If so, the appropriate staff will be contacted, based on your on-call schedule or protocol. If the call does not warrant emergency service, a message will be taken and the caller will be assured that the someone will return their call later or the next business day. All messages taken are documented and forwarded to your office for verification and follow-up.

Why choose Infinity Telecentre?

At Infinity Telecentre, our professional team is always available to take your customers phone calls. Our emergency dispatch service is a cost-effective solution that allows you to rest assured that your customers are being taken care of 24/7. Interested in learning more about our emergency dispatch services? Call us at 519 432 6463.

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