Employee Absence & Injury Reporting Lines

Employee Absense and Injury Reporting Lines - Infinity TelecentreEmployee absenteeism is a common issue for businesses, especially those with non-traditional schedules or shift-work. A short-term absence from work, usually due to an illness or an urgent matter that keeps an employee from getting to their job, is something that almost always comes up at the last minute. Managing employee absenteeism can be a tremendous job for supervisors and HR staff. That’s where an employee absence and incident reporting service can help.

Why an Employee Absence Reporting Line is Important

An employee absence and incident reporting line is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It allows employees to call and speak to a customer service agent that will collect the details of the absence. Details of the absence are then sent to the appropriate supervisor via email, text message or entered in a database; whichever process works best for your business. The human resources department is then provided with a record of the absence.

Detailed Absence Reporting

A structured absence reporting line helps organizations to maintain proper documentation of absences. This enables the HR team to review absence thresholds and make policy decisions that are informed by primary data. Additionally, formal absence reporting allows organizations to better recognize employees that need additional support or follow up.

Businesses That Benefit from Employee Reporting Lines

Absence reporting and documenting is an important service for a wide range of industries, including:

Medical & Healthcare

Hospitals and clinics rely on employee reporting lines to handle the large volume of call-ins. This ensures sick calls are documented and back-up staff can be brought in to cover shifts in a timely fashion.


It’s imperative to have a teacher in the classroom, even in the event of a sick call. Employee reporting lines allow teachers and educators to easily call in so that a replacement in promptly arranged to cover their classroom.

Trades & Professional Services

Service calls are scheduled in advance and an absent employee can result in an unhappy customer. We can ensure that a backup technician is dispatched for these unexpected situations.

Retail & Hospitality

Employee sick calls and absenteeism can result in restaurants and retail stores to be short staffed during peak times. Be prepared for an unexpected influx of customers and ensure backup staff is brought in as soon as possible.


Employee absences can quickly cause slow-downs in production lines, thousands of dollars in lost productivity, and damage relationships with your partners. Ensure that absence details are immediately communicated to the appropriate people so that production continues to run smoothly, even in the event there are absent production team members.

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