Event Hotline and Ticket Sales

Event hotline and ticket selling servicesAt Infinity Telecentre we provide our clients with a variety of answering services to help meet business’ needs efficiently. Our services are designed to help businesses run smoothly through the use of dependable, friendly, and professional phone attendants who are always available when needed. Our phone answering services for events can help ensure that your events and special occasions are as successful as possible. We work with clients all over Ontario to help organize and execute successful events.

Benefits of Answering Services for Events

Running an event can be difficult if you don’t have access to all the resources you need. At Infinity Telecentre, we can help with everything from answering questions about the event, to processing phone ticket sales and registrations on your behalf. Our phone attendants are trained to be friendly and helpful when dealing with a variety of clientele and happy to provide support to callers, as needed. Attendants are trained on the relevant details and information for each event; they can answer general questions, create bookings, or even redirect calls that involve urgent questions or concerns.

Why Do You Need an Answering Service for Your Event?

There are so many steps involved in organizing an event. Many of these steps involve phone calls from potential customers, vendors, and partners. Whether these calls are about buying tickets or are simple inquiries on information about the event, it’s essential that you don’t miss a call. Our phone attendants can provide your potential event attendees with information on the event location, area parking or travel information, date and time of the event, and venue information. We can also help your customers with difficulties in online registration or ticket purchases as well. We can even help manage telephone calls from vendors, partners, and sponsors.

At Infinity Telecentre, we are dedicated to providing excellent call centre services that meet the unique needs of each client. We have friendly receptionists who are available anytime they’re needed. We work with clients throughout Ontario to provide phone assistance with all types of event needs. We can take care of all your telephone inquiries, ensuring you don’t miss out on ticket sales due to lengthy response times or missed calls. Plus, when you use our services you don’t have to spend precious budget on paying additional staff to take care of incoming calls. This helps save you money and allows you to use your resources where they are needed most.
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