Call Answering Services Fundraising and Pledge Drives

Phone Answering Services for Fundraising and Pledge Drives in OntarioWe at Infinity Virtual Answering understand the importance of not-for-profit fundraising campaigns and the impact these campaigns have in supporting local charities and Ontario Not-for-Profits. Infinity can support your fundraising needs in a multitude of ways. Our phone answering services allow us to answer your incoming calls regarding pledge drives and fundraising campaigns so you and your team of organizers can focus on priority items. We can also manage outgoing calls to existing and new donors to support your charitable initiatives.

Infinity can proudly provide pledge and fundraising call answering services remotely from any location. Our team of virtual receptionists can manage the donation or pledge process and update your organization’s internal donation management system, providing coordinators with accurate information when it’s needed.

Professional Communication with Callers & Donors

Let Infinity Virtual Answering work as an extension of your organization to support your campaign. Our team can easily be trained in your organization’s operations in order to gather all of the necessary information from callers. We can also be briefed in order to answer any questions that callers and donors may have about the organization, fundraising process and more. You can trust Infinity Virtual Answering to gather all the information that your cause needs so that the donation process is seamless and that donors are thanked appropriately for their contribution.

24-7 Fundraising Call Centre

For organizations and non-profits hosting pledge drives, a missed call is a missed opportunity or a missed donation. When it comes to telephone-based pledge drives, calls could potentially come in at any time of day. At Infinity Virtual Answering, our operators are available 24/7 so that you can rest-assured calls are being managed at any time of day.

When it comes to important fundraising campaigns, let our experienced and professional team manage your incoming calls from donors as well as outgoing calls to potential new donors. We take the time to understand your organization and carefully manage calls with compassion and care. Get in touch with Infinity Virtual Answering today to learn more about our call answering services.

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