Professional Live Call Answering Service

Live Phone Answering Service

Get professional live phone answering services from a team of dedicated virtual receptionists. Infinity Virtual Answering has been trusted in and around London, Ontario to manage incoming calls for businesses of every kind. Whether it is busy and on-the-go tradespeople or specialty service providers such as lawyers and real estate agents, Infinity’s virtual telephone answering services provide business owners with a practical solution to ensuring that no call is missed – no matter what time of day.

Virtual Telephone Answering Service for Your Business

Let Infinity’s live phone answering services be the voice of your business. Whether it’s on a full-time basis, answering in the off hours, lunch hour relief, or simply taking overflow calls, live call centre agents are available 24/7 to answer calls on your organization’s behalf. Infinity’s 24-hour answering service agents will handle your calls, live, and capture the information you want.

Infinity will not only assist your business in successful lead capture, through immediately responding to incoming calls from potential customers, we’ll also help to keep your existing customers happy by professionally and promptly answering calls and directing them accordingly.

Live Phone Answering Services to Grow Your Business

What Type of Businesses Can Benefit from Using a Live Telepone Answering Service?

Live phone answering services, whether long-term or for a short period of time, can benefit a wide range of businesses for several reasons, such as:

  • Small or growing businesses with limited staffing budgets
  • Businesses with limited or no office space
  • Businesses working remotely
  • Or on-the-go workers who do not want to miss any incoming calls
  • Established and large business who may already have a reception team on-hand, who need coverage for sick calls, vacations
  • An influx of calls during peak seasons

Our Professional Answering Service Team has Worked with Many Different Industries:

Live Call Answering & Virtual Receptionist Services

Infinity’s live telephone answering service can also double as your company’s virtual receptionist services. Infinity tele-receptionists perform duties of a traditional receptionist at a much lower cost, with the added benefit of 24/7 live phone coverage, which is a great competitive advantage for businesses whose incoming calls can come in at all times of the day and night.

Why Businesses Can Benefit from Phone Answering Services

Live phone answering services can be a great addition to your business for the following reasons:

Increase Lead Capture

Live phone answering services ensure that a real-life representative is always answering incoming calls. Having a professional answer calls personally, instead of letting potential customers go to voicemail, prevents callers from moving on to one of your competitors.

Create a Great First Impression

Live phone answering services makes for a great first impression. Having a friendly voice to answer a potential customer’s questions, no matter what time they call. This provides customers with a better and more personalized connection, rather than a message being left on a machine.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Our well-trained, friendly team can provide professional live call answering services at a fraction of the cost of an internal hire – all while offering around the clock service.

A Dedicated Live Phone Answering Service Provider

Let Infinity Virtual Answering answer your businesses’ incoming calls. We can handle everything from message taking, order taking, customer support hotlines, absence reporting, and emergency dispatch. You name it, and we can assist! Our expert team members are trained to handle calls just as your own internal team members would, – allowing you and your staff to take care of business with minimal interruption.

Get the phone coverage you need today, contact Infinity Virtual Answering today for more information about the live phone answering services we have available to your business.

Get started with an Infinity representative and see how our services can benefit your business.