Overflow Call Answering Services

Overflow call answering service in Ontario When calling a business, customers will always prefer an answer from a live representative over a busy signal, long hold times, or an answering machine. With increased competition and customers seeking services at an urgent rate, it’s imperative for businesses to have the means to answer each and every call that comes in – no matter what time of day.

That’s why Infinity Virtual Answering provides Ontario businesses with professional reception overflow call answering services to support your business operations and ensure that all customer, client and patient calls are handled promptly and professionally.

Professional Overflow Call Handling Service for Ontario Businesses

Infinity Virtual Answering has a dedicated team of operators on hand to support your business in times of need. We have a multitude of overflow answering services to offer including backup virtual reception services and outsourced receptionist services to help in times of high call volume. This can also be an enormous help during busy seasons such as the holidays when customer call volumes are usually at their highest. Our professional virtual receptionists are expertly trained to answer your overflow calls, including:

Whether your organization is in need of long-term reception overflow coverage to support daily business operations or you’re looking for seasonal or short-term assistance, Infinity Virtual Answering can deliver the professional overflow answering services you’re looking for.

What are the Benefits of Overflow Call Answering?

A Decrease in Hold time for Your Customers

When using our overflow call answering service you are able to reduce the hold time for your clients during high call volume periods of the day. Our live receptionist will answer your customers eliminating the need to return calls or leave voicemails. Increase your customer satisfaction by eliminating wait times with Infinity’s overflow call handling service.

Reduce the Number of Repeat Callers

Our overflow call handling solutions can provide you customers with accurate information about your office hours to avoid the repeated calls from a single customer. Let us attend to your customer’s needs when you are unavailable so your staff can focus their duties and increase the efficiency of your internal operations.

Keep Your Office Staff on Task

When calls are pouring into your office staff can be distracted from their regular duties and fall behind at work. Our overflow call answering receptionist takes the excess call so that your staff can refocus their attention without neglecting your customers.

Trusted Overflow Call Handling by Infinity Virtual Answering

Infinity Virtual Answering has been providing overflow call answering and virtual reception services to businesses in London and surrounding areas for over twenty years and knows exactly what it means to deliver exceptional service for their clients. Less busy signals to the customer equal a happier customer base and also helps customer service immensely. Infinity Virtual Answering works with businesses from a wide range of industries and will cater the overflow call answering services to work for your business needs. Give our team a call today with any questions that you may have about the process and let us develop a plan that works for you and your business.

Get started with an Infinity representative and see how our services can benefit your business.