Employee Safety Check-Ins & Monitoring

Safety Check-InIf you have employees who work alone, in remote environments, or in potentially dangerous situations, safety check ins are an important component of monitoring their safety. In the event of an unfortunate incident, monitoring services can help to ensure that the situation gets the attention it needs in a timely fashion. At Infinity Telecentre, we can provide customized safety check in programs to help you monitor the safety of your employees.

How do safety check-ins work?

In general, a safety check in is a regularly scheduled phone call, that the employee places to our answering service to confirm they are safe. If the employee fails to make a scheduled call, our operators will attempt to reach them. If we cannot reach the employee, we will immediately alert the designated person, informing them that we were unable to reach the employee. The person designated to receive failed check-in notifications is often the employee’s immediate supervisor or appropriate authority. Once notified, the designated person will follow the appropriate procedure to deal with the situation.

Another feature of this service is that it provides the employee who is working alone a quick way to call for assistance in situations where 911 emergency services are not required, but they need to relay an urgent message to their immediate supervisor or another party who is not available by phone. Our team of agents will answer the call immediately and make as many calls as it takes to ensure that the alert gets to the right people, leaving the on-site employee free to deal with the situation at hand.

Why offer employee check-in service?

This feature of our answering service is a cost-effective alternative to increased staffing, that will allow you to periodically check in on your employees who are working alone. Our safety check in processes can be tailored to your health & safety protocol specifications. The records maintained by Infinity will provide you with documentation of security measures taken for the protection of your employees, which will allow you to demonstrate compliance with local regulations to which this working condition may be subject.

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