Contractor Dispatch & Service Coordination

Dispatch & Scheduling Services for ContractorsInfinity Virtual Answering, located in London, Ontario, provides answering services, including service coordination and dispatch, to the business of all types. Our virtual receptionists can provide temporary or ongoing service coordination coverage for your business, allowing for seamless customer experience, no matter what time of day.

What is Contractor Dispatch & Service Coordination?

Our dispatch & scheduling service is designed for any organization that offers 24/7 service. It is most popular with clients in trades, utilities or delivery services who have rotating people on the call or have multiple contractors servicing different areas. Our highly-trained virtual receptionists will be available to answer your business calls at any time of day or night. Based on your specific instructions, our contractor management experts will determine the caller’s needs and location. If appropriate, we will prequalify customers to ensure they have a valid service agreement or are willing to pay the associated fees, based on your protocols and instructions. If appropriate, our virtual receptionists will contact the on-call technician, dealer or contractor for the service required. If desired, a report detailing calls and the actions taken to fulfil your customer’s needs can be sent out at your convenience. Our contractor dispatch and service coordinator services streamline your business processes, freeing up time for your office staff during business hours and eliminating the need for additional personnel to answer the phones during off-hours.

Trade Industries Infinity Can Help

Since we are equipped to handle heavy call volume, we train our virtual receptionists for construction & service coordinators to assist businesses of all sizes. These types of businesses include, but are not limited to:

Why Choose Infinity Virtual Answering for Your Contractor Dispatch Services?

At Infinity Virtual Answering, we know that the initial customer contact sets the tone for the entire client relationship. Our experienced contractor dispatch and service coordinators are courteous, professional, and ready to provide a seamless customer service experience for anyone who calls your business.

We take the time to understand our clients’ needs. At Infinity, our programming and implementation team focuses on understanding your values and learning your construction business, so we can always act as an extension of your team.
Whether you are looking for ongoing, overnight, or temporary live phone answering and service coordination for your business, give us a call at 519 432 6463 to learn more.

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