Telephone Answering Services for Lawyers

Infinity Telecentre provides high-quality telephone answering services  for lawyers. Utilizing a telephone answering service allows existing and potential clients to reach a friendly and professional representative each time they reach out. This allows your firm to make an immediate connection, regardless of time of day. Prospective  and existing clients are always pleased to know that they can connect to a real person who can be trusted to help them get the services they need, anytime. 

Answering You Calls Day or Night

Your clients’ need for legal services don’t end when you go home. Allow Infinity Telecentre to provide your clients with an immediate response at any time of the day or night. Infinity provides an excellent first point of contact, ensuring that potential clients go elsewhere when they reach an answering machine. If it’s urgent, we can make sure we get the client immediate representation, if not, we’ll acknowledge the call and assure the caller someone will follow up with them promptly. Answering services provide you and your team the freedom to focus on handling complex legal matters or personal business, while resting assured that any telephone inquiries are handled by a professional telephone answering team. 

All-Inclusive Answering Services

In addition to telephone answering services, Infinity Telecentre provides a number of helpful services to lawyers and legal professionals. Our team of courteous customer service agents can help manage a number of reception tasks such as, responding to e-mail inquiries, setting up appointments, and directing calls to appropriate extensions within your firm. We can even make reminder calls to clients which can help to reduce no-shows or missed court appearances., We can help prevent you from wasting valuable time – which is a precious commodity among lawyers.

Answering Services for Lawyers

Infinity Telecentre is proud to provide many law professionals with the highest quality answering services. On a daily basis, we help to ensure that each and every client or affiliate call is managed in accordance with our clients’ high standards of service. For more information about our fully-customized services, please reach out to Infinity Telecentre today.  

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