Temporary Answering ServicesFor times when additional coverage is needed, Infinity Virtual Answering offers Temporary Answering Services and Vacation Reception Coverage for your business. Perfect for one–person businesses, reception vacation times or during the holiday season, we can set you up so that you can easily call in and activate the service right when it’s needed.

When Your Business Needs Temporary & Holiday Answering Services

  • Holidays
  • Reception Vacation Time
  • Emergency Situations
  • Sick Calls

Infinity’s Temporary Answering Services

Appointment Scheduling

We can handle all of your incoming calls and arrange meetings, and schedule appointments with customers, clients and patients while you are away. Our web-enabled software means our virtual receptionists can manage appointments remotely. You can also enable email notifications, so you know what appointments have been scheduled or cancelled while you are vacation.

Appointment Confirmation and Verification

If your business schedules appointments well in advance, our temporary answering service can ensure that all of those necessary follow-up calls are completed, minimizing the number of no-shows to set appointments. Our team of call centre professionals will perform friendly follow-up calls to your clients on the date of your choosing.

Appointment Cancellation and Rescheduling

Our Temporary Answering Services will ensure that incoming calls to cancel or reschedule appointments are handled and rescheduled accordingly. The Infinity Virtual Answering can assist by reviewing the current schedule and suggesting an alternate date and time – saving your clients time by not having to call back at a later date.

Order Entry

If order entry is essential to your business, Infinity Virtual Answering Temporary Answering Services can assist with taking orders and data entry when you need it most. From answering incoming calls, to receiving orders and processing payment, Infinity can ensure order entry maintained at all times.

Contact Infinity Virtual Answering to ensure that your business is properly covered during the holiday, vacation time and when emergency situations arise. Our answering services will ensure that calls and incoming requests are professionally managed, so you can focus on business priorities.

Get started with an Infinity representative and see how our services can benefit your business.