Virtual Receptionist Services

In many businesses today receptionists and secretaries are necessary. However, hiring, training, and managing personnel can be very expensive and time consuming. Infinity Telecentre offers answering services as well as live virtual receptionist services that will help your business succeed by professionally answering your calls, scheduling your appointments, and providing your customers with the same care they have come to expect from you.

Virtual Receptionist Services at Infinity TelecentreWhat is the cost of a missed call? Many of our clients feel they could pay for our service many times over from the result of just one new customer. In addition to eliminating the need to compensate a secretary, a virtual receptionist will allow you to effectively prioritize your day to make sure you are not spending unwarranted time answering phone calls. With our 24/7 coverage, we will make sure all of your calls are answered live with our tele-receptionists, and we’ll relay your messages directly to you. The way these messages will get dispatched to you will be specified by your instructions.

Infinity is proud of the service we provide; we pride ourselves in having excellent customer service where our customers are always number one. Infinity tele-receptionists perform the duties of a traditional secretary with the added benefit of always being available.

Our Virtual Receptionist Services Include:

  • Answering your calls 24/7 (call screening, forwarding, live transferring)
  • Scheduling appointments and estimates (Appointment Scheduler)
  • Order processing
  • Emergency dispatch to your on-call staff
  • Delivering your messages via email, text, web, phone call, fax or all of these
  • Providing local or toll phone numbers

Potential customers and clients like to make an immediate human connection – the way your phone is answered really does send a message about you, your business and your work culture. Make a great first impression and use Infinity Telecentre’s Virtual Receptionist. Our success has been built on customer loyalty as demonstrated by longevity of client relationships. Many of our customers have been with us since 1996. We have the experience, knowledge and reliability to develop a plan customized for you. Contact Infinity Telecentre located in London, Ontario today!

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