Your first impression of a business is very important. If you think back to your first interaction with a company with which you love to do business, chances are that it went well. The adage about first impressions is true. Despite knowing this to be true, some businesses may be overlooking how vital this is to their bottom line. If you are calling two competitive businesses and one of them has a professional, pleasant voice as your first interaction and the other has a cold, impersonal voice, which are you more likely to favor? In your search to make the best first impression on your clients, you may be best served by using an answering service.

What Are Some Benefits to Using an Answering Service?

When you were thinking about clients contacting your business, you may have not even considered an answering service. There are many advantages for companies that use an answering service to be their first point of contact with clients. Some of these benefits include:

Possible Cost Savings

While some businesses go with the traditional model of having a receptionist, it may not be the most cost-effective method. When you factor in the salary and benefits you give a receptionist, you may be vastly overpaying as compared to what you could pay to get the same work done by an answering service.

Many Answering Services Are Versatile

Something that some business owners may not know about answering services is that they can do many other things. While handling your phone calls certainly is valuable, many answering services can also do other work, like processing payments, setting appointments, and provide tech support for customers.

They Can Be Constantly Available

When your business hours are done, you probably don’t have anyone left behind to help those customers who couldn’t squeeze in the time to make a phone call when you were open. An answering service can be available 24/7 to make sure you are capturing all the business opportunities possible.

They Can Be Focused on Your Customers

Unlike a receptionist or customer service representative, an answering service doesn’t have any other tasks that they must complete, so they are entirely focused on your customers. This means that they don’t have to rush a client on the phone and can give each on the personal attention they deserve. 

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