Like many others, you may be wondering about the difference between an inbound and outbound call centre. Of course, a call centre is an office set up to handle a large number of phone calls, but where do the two types of call centres diverge?

The main difference between an inbound and outbound call centre is that an inbound call centre receives calls, and an outbound call centre makes calls. However, both have their own specific duties that differ, as well.

What Does an Inbound Call Centre Do?

Provide Customer Service

In addition to performing basic call centre duties, inbound call centres are the centres used when a customer needs help resolving an issue. In other words, an inbound call centre is where customers and potential customers contact a company. For example, when you call a company’s help centre and request assistance with obtaining a refund, the inbound call centre is where your call goes.

Provide Technical Support

Similar to customer service, inbound call centres also provide technical support if a customer needs help navigating the company website or troubleshooting a product. For example, if you call a company about a leaf blower that will not turn on, your call would go to an inbound call centre.

Help with Inbound Sales

Inbound sales consist of customers searching for more information about a company or product. In this case, the inbound call centre is no longer helping current customers but supporting potential ones. For example, if you call a company inquiring about whether their foundation comes in your shade, someone at the inbound call centre will help you out.

What Does an Outbound Call Centre Do?

Make Cold Calls

Outbound call centres, as the name suggests, make outgoing calls. In other words, someone from a company makes calls to potential customers and markets the company’s product to them. Cold calls are those outgoing calls that are the first correspondence between a company and a potential customer, meaning the customer has not inquired into the company previously. For example, when a telemarketer calls and asks if you are interested in learning about a new fitness program without you having requested that call, you are receiving a cold call from an outbound call centre.

Make Warm Calls

On the other hand, a warm call is when an outbound call centre contacts a potential customer that has previously interacted with the company. For example, if you sign up on a company’s website to receive more information about a new exercise machine and the company calls you the next day, you are receiving a warm call from an outbound call centre.

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