Transforming an Angry Caller into a Lifelong Customer

We’ve been on the receiving end of an angry caller with a customer service issue. One of the realities of a call centre is that its operators often handle difficult calls. But the silver lining, and possibly the most rewarding aspect of a call centre representative’s work, comes in the form of a transformed customer, one ready to do business again.

So how do you transform an angry customer into return business? What are the best ways to respond to difficult customers?

Give this simple blueprint a try: Start by taking a few deep breaths. Continue by walking down the road of empathy. Maintain by offering solutions. Delight by turning back the dial on that anger.

Tips for Handling a Difficult Conversation

The key to success? Deploy grace and rely on empathy. And, of course, practice the techniques that will allow you to calm the angered caller as quickly as possible and to retain their business. Here is a quick overview of the most successful elements to handling a difficult conversation:

Give Your Utmost Attention: Actively Listen

In order to accurately hear and interpret the customer’s complaint, listen, actively listen, before moving on to take the edge off the communication. Often, the caller just wants to be heard, they want a stage where they can express their frustration with the events and circumstances that lead to the call. Once they have attuned you to their discontent, they may proceed to apologize and allow you to resolve their issue in a calmer way.

As you listen, you may want to take notes of the key details of the caller’s concern. Taking the time to do this can help you solve their problem effectively, despite the many tangents the call may meander through.

For callers who may be stepping out of bounds of a reasonable conversation (e.g. threatening or using violent or foul language), your company’s guidelines can come in extremely handy. If they call for ending such a call, proceed to disconnect.

Keep Calm and Carry on

Staying calm during controversial times is one of the best ways to respond to difficult customers. Keeping your composure and staying calm are likely to prevent an already dramatic situation from escalating.

Summarize the Customers Concern Back to Them

Let the customer in on the empathy you have for their circumstances by reflecting their concern. After they have finished conveying their problem, repeat the information they have given you. This approach is possibly the most effective approach to a calmer caller emerging from these tense circumstances.

Avoid Putting the Customer on Hold

Try your best not to put the angry caller on hold. Contrary to popular belief, holds will not buy you time and they will not create a space or a chance for the customer to calm down. The strategy can often backfire, resulting in an even more frustrated caller. Instead, talk to the customer and outline the exact steps you will be taking to solve their problem.

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