Reception Coverage

Infinity Telecentre offers many answering services and virtual receptionist services to help our clients maintain their customer service standards at all times, regardless of what might be going on at the office. One of these services is remote reception coverage. Our virtual reception coverage is available to businesses throughout Ontario and beyond. We work closely with each client to learn about their business and align our processes to their business practices and protocols, allowing for a seamless customer experience. We provide ongoing coverage or temporary service for holiday closures, meetings, staff training, or anytime your receptionist isn’t available due to illness or other absence.

What is Remote Reception Coverage?

Our services allow your business to continue as needed during interruptions, staff shortages, absences, and special events when your receptionist is not available. We work with our clients during holidays and closings to answer calls and reroute them as needed or take messages for when you return. We’re also available on short notice in case you have an unexpected absence and need someone to answer your calls for the day. Our reception service can be very convenient during events or meetings where your receptionist is unavailable.

Why Choose Infinity Telecentre?

At Infinity Telecentre, we understand that the initial contact made with a client or prospect sets the tone for the entire business relationship. We have experienced receptionists who are professional, courteous, and able to provide excellent customer service to those who call your business. We take the time to understand the dynamics of your business so that we can answer questions appropriately or connect the caller to the appropriate person to assist them.

We understand that no two clients have the same needs when it comes to answering services. Infinity Telecentre’s programming and implementation team is dedicated to learning your business and understanding your values. This allows our team of administrative professionals to not only act as an extension of your business, but ambassadors of your products and services.

Whether you have an ongoing need, absence, meeting, or holiday closing, our reception services are here for your convenience. We can help ensure that your important calls are always answered in a timely manner, even when a receptionist isn’t available. Call us at 519 432 6463 to learn more about our reception services for your business.

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